Open Maths

Maths+ is exploring new ways to support students who like mathematics. In our new program Open Maths we will not proceed by a predetermined plan. Instead, we will experiment and adapt constantly.

What is wonderful about mathematics? It is shared by all. Look at the examples below from exams from all over the world.

Now, let's imagine just how many people there are in Vienna who love mathematics. How many would you guess? We guess it is a large number. And that among them there are many looking for ways to join up and support likeminded Ukrainian youths in this difficult situation.

So let us join and do mathematics together!


Here’s the plan:
  • We gather people who want to understand mathematics even better.
  • We add people who already know a lot about mathematics.
  • We provide topics for mathematical conversations and venues to have them.
This is the concept of Open Maths within the program Maths+.