Kharkiv-Vienna International Science School

Students from the Kharkiv, Ukraine achieve excellent results at international science competitions every year. This success is not a result of chance. The City of Kharkiv boasts a highly developed infrastructure to nurture gifted youths, already from a young age. A distinctive feature of this infrastructure is the tight collaboration between schools and universities.  

To raise awareness of this tremendous expertise in promoting talent and to share it with outstanding high school students from around the world, two famous science teachers from Kharkiv, Mykola Arzubov and Oleksandr Kryzhanovskiy, have joined forces with a team from the University of Vienna, Austria and created the Kharkiv-Vienna International Science School.

The program of the inaugural Kharkiv-Vienna International Science School 2023 has three parts.

  • The Summer School LOL in mathematics and computer science is offered to Ukrainian students.

  • The Special Lectures are given by some of the world's most eminent mathematicians as well as up-and-coming researchers. They are delivered in English, held online, and aimed at top-achieving high school students from around the world. Participation is by invitation only.

  • We organize a Visit to Vienna for 25 winners of the All-Ukrainian Science Olympiads 2023. The students will explore state-of-the-art research labs at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, and the University of Vienna.