Kharkiv-Vienna Science School

The Kharkiv-Vienna Science School is directed by the teachers Mykola Arzubov and Oleksandr Kryzhanovskyi from Kharkiv, Ukraine in cooperation with the project Mathematik macht Freude, which is based at the University of Vienna, Austria.

The City of Kharkiv boasts an elaborate infrastructure for promoting gifted youths. Students from Kharkiv regularly achieve top results in international science competitions. Mykola Arzubov and Oleksandr Kryzhanovskyi have pivotal roles in the tremendous success of the Kharkiv school.

The goal of the Kharkiv-Vienna Science School, an online program from August 8-22, is to establish the excellence of Kharkiv in gifted education as an international program. The lecturers are given by outstanding researchers and science teachers, many from Ukraine. The participants are top-achieving students at national and international science competitions. Participation is free and by invitation only.



The Kharkiv-Vienna Summer School is supported by